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The Beauty of Neuromodulators
Across the globe, Botox and Dysport are two of the most effective and popular anti-aging treatments.   These treatments, called “neuromodulators”, are injectable solutions that treat facial lines and wrinkles by blocking signals from the nerves to the targeted muscles.  This causes the wrinkle to relax and face appears smoother and younger.  These treatments are typically used to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. However, reduction of deeper wrinkles and creases that may be caused by aging, sun damage or other factors may not be as effective.   The treatment is safe and approved by the FDA for cosmetic anti-aging purposes.

Botox or Dysport treatment is usually completed in less than 30 minutes, and does not require anesthesia. The chemical solution is injected directly into facial muscles with a fine needle, causing very minor discomfort. Results are visible within several days, with the full effect being seen within a week after the treatment.

Treatments produce highly effective results, which meet or exceed the expectations of most patients. The effects of the treatment may last for anywhere between three to six months. Repeat treatments can be sought to prolong the effects under the guidance of your plastic surgeon.

Side Effects

Botox or Dysport do not usually cause any significant side effects.  Most patients can usually resume daily activities almost immediately after the procedure. Temporary bruising or mild swelling in the affected area may occur in some cases. The patient should avoid rubbing the treated area for a few hours to prevent temporary eyelid drooping.

Ideal Candidates
Any adult who is looking for a non-surgical anti-aging treatment with minimal or no downtime may consider Botox or Dysport treatment. However, neuromodulator treatment is not appropriate for certain types of wrinkles and creases, and the patient should consult a cosmetic surgeon. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and individuals suffering from a neurological disease should avoid these treatments.

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