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Breast Augmentation

Augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation, or breast implant surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance the size of the breasts. Women who are unhappy with their small breast size may opt for this procedure to achieve fuller, larger, and natural breasts. The procedure has been embraced by many celebrities over the years with amazing results, and now it has grown in popularity among adult women across various age groups.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery involves the placement of an implant underneath the breast muscle or the breast tissue. Silicone or saline implants are commonly used to provide breast enhancement. The surgery begins with an incision made at the lower crease of the breast, the lower edge of the nipple areola or the armpit. The incision is used to insert and position the implant under the chest muscle below the breast or under the breast tissue.

Once the implant has been adjusted appropriately to achieve the desired breast shape, size and position, the incision will be closed with sutures. In some cases, the breast augmentation surgery may be performed together with breast lift, to improve the position and firmness of the sagging breasts and nipples. The entire procedure is typically performed as an outpatient surgery. General anesthesia is preferred for this procedure, and the surgery may be completed between one to two hours.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Stitches may be removed within a week following the breast implant surgery. A special bra may have to be worn for several weeks to provide support to the breasts. Soreness, bruising, and swelling may be experienced for a few days after the procedure.
The surgeon may recommend pain relieving medications to manage the pain. Except for strenuous exercises or heavy lifting, the patient may resume normal work routine within a few days. A skilled plastic surgeon will ensure that scars remain minimal and well-concealed after the surgery.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast implant surgery may be considered for the following purposes:

  • Increase the size of the breasts.
  • Restore breast size following pregnancy or sudden weight loss.
  • Make both the breasts evenly proportioned.
  • Reconstruction of breasts following mastectomy.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Prince

Dr. Prince offers a choice both silicone and saline breast implants to his patients. In addition, new shaped silicone or “gummy bear” type of implants are also readily available.  During your consultation, Dr. Prince will discuss the preferred implant and incision location based on your body type and individual preferences. Patients in Little Rock and nearby areas may visit Dr. Prince’s office for a detailed and poignant consultation.

Contact Dr. Prince Today

Dr. Prince believes in a surgical philosophy of individualized assessment of form and function to ensure optimal results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Prince will discuss all of your cosmetic breast surgery options, and will work in partnership with you to formulate a customized treatment plan tailored to fulfill your unique aesthetic goals. If you would like more information about cosmetic breast enhancement surgery, please contact Dr. Prince today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to setting up your initial consultation with Dr. Prince.