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If your body does not match your gender, you may struggle emotionally or face frustrations in practical day-to-day concerns. There are many gender-affirming actions you can take to feel more like yourself, including wearing clothing you are comfortable in, changing your name, or talking to your doctor about hormone therapy — but sometimes that is not enough. Gender dysphoria, in which a person feels anxiety or distress because their body does not match their gender identity, may be effectively treated with surgery.1 Little Rock Top Surgery Specialist Dr. Melanie Prince is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in performing surgery that helps folks who are transgender or non-binary feel confident and comfortable in their bodies.

Top Surgery for Transgender Patients in Little Rock

Dr. Prince understands that there is more complexity to gender-affirming surgery than just a traditional mastectomy or a breast augmentation. She takes time to discuss your feelings and goals in order to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs. The first step toward any procedure is to schedule a consultation appointment at our Little Rock office to meet with Dr. Prince and determine if breast surgery is right for you. 

Chest Reconstruction for Transgender Men (FTM)

Chest reconstruction surgery, also called transmasculine top surgery, can create a more masculine appearance for transgender men. It may also be a solution for non-binary people who would like a less feminine chest. 

Chest reconstruction surgery is performed with general anesthesia. Dr. Prince begins by performing a mastectomy to remove breast tissue. An incision will be made under the breast, in the inframammary fold. As opposed to the approach she would take when performing surgery on a woman, Dr. Prince will typically opt for a straight incision that does not follow the curve of the breast. Dr. Prince will completely remove tissue and extra skin so that there is no remnant of the inframammary fold, which is a characterization of a feminine chest. She will use a free nipple graft technique in which the nipple is removed, resized, and then replaced in a more masculine position. This technique does inhibit nipple sensation and function, but it is key in the masculinization of the chest.

Recovery From Chest Reconstruction Top Surgery

After surgery you may experience pain, discomfort, bruising, or swelling, which Dr. Prince can prescribe medication to manage. You will have surgical drains in place for one to three weeks after surgery. You will have special dressings called a bolster over your nipple graft for one week. You will need to wear a front closing compression garment for four weeks. Strenuous movement, exercise, and certain activities must be avoided for four weeks after surgery. Dr. Prince will give you specific aftercare instructions and schedule follow-up appointments.

Dr. Prince is literally wonderful. I love her attitude, and her staff is the best. She has done such a great job with me I’m considering another surgery to fix other parts of my body because now i know that i will be in great hands.!


Breast Augmentation for Transgender Women (MTF) 

Transgender women typically experience some breast growth from hormone therapy, but it is often limited. If you are seeking larger breasts for a more traditionally feminine appearance, breast augmentation surgery with breast implants could be right for you. Transgender women seeking breast augmentation at Prince Plastic Surgery can expect a surgical experience that is similar to that of a cis woman. Dr. Prince may recommend fat grafting in addition to breast implants in order to achieve natural-looking results. Please read our breast augmentation page to learn more about how breast augmentation surgery works, including recovery and frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Top Surgery

You know better than anyone what your reasons are for considering gender-affirming surgery. While every patient’s experience will vary, some common benefits of top surgery include:

One clinical study that interviewed patients who had chest reconstruction reported that 100% of them thought their surgery was a good idea.2

Frequently Asked Questions About Gender Affirming Top Surgery
  • What are the risks of top surgery?

    All surgical procedures carry some risk of side effects or complications. Risks of chest reconstruction surgery include fluid accumulation, tissue damage, bleeding, and anesthesia risks.3 Dr. Prince upholds the highest patient safety standards in her operating room.

  • Will insurance cover top surgery?

    Dr. Prince isn’t accepting insurance at the moment. For other payment solutions, please see our financing page.

  • Am I a candidate for top surgery?

    The decision to have surgery is an important one, and often part of a long journey. If you are over 18, in good general health and living as your gender, then you may be a candidate for top surgery.

Contact Dr. Melanie Prince for Gender Affirming Top Surgery in Little Rock

Dr. Prince is a highly experienced and skilled Plastic Surgeon who specializes in compassionate and personalized care. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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