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If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you have cause to celebrate, but you may also be bothered by excess skin on your thighs that can result from weight loss. Loose or sagging skin can also occur due to reduced skin elasticity from aging or genetics. Thigh lift surgery, also called thighplasty, is a procedure to reshape the thighs and tighten the skin for a toned, youthful look. Little Rock Thigh Lift Specialist Dr. Melanie Prince is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in performing thigh lift surgery alone or in combination with other body contouring procedures.

Thigh Lift Surgery After Weight Loss

When you lose a lot of weight, or lose weight quickly, your skin may not have enough elasticity to adjust to your new size, resulting in loose skin or uncomfortable skin folds. Major weight loss, like the kind that often occurs with bariatric surgery, can result in sagging skin on the thighs. Dr. Prince offers a variety of post-weight loss plastic surgery procedures, which may be combined with thigh lift surgery.

How Does Thigh Lift Surgery Work?

Thigh lift surgery is performed with general anesthesia. Dr. Prince will create an incision along the inner thigh. The length of the incision will depend on your needs and goals, and may extend from the knee to the groin. Dr. Prince will then remove excess skin and tissue to create a smoother, tighter appearance. Thigh lift surgery is often combined with liposuction to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and give the thigh a slimmer look.

Thigh Lift Results and Recovery

Once your thigh lift surgery is complete, Dr. Prince will place surgical drains to aid your recovery. You will need to wear special compression garments for six weeks after surgery, and you will be restricted from any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for four weeks. Dr. Prince will give you detailed post-op instructions to optimize your recovery and results. You may experience some initial swelling and bruising, but once you have healed you can expect firmer, younger-looking thighs and long-lasting results.

I absolutely loved Dr. Prince and her staff. They were all so kind and always made
me feel comfortable. I was very pleased with my surgery and had no issues
whatsoever! I am so pleased with my results.


Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Lift Surgery
  • What kind of scars will I have after thigh lift surgery?

    Your scars will depend on the amount of excess skin on your thighs and the type of incision needed to give you optimal results. The incisions will be on your inner thighs, where scars can be easily concealed, and Dr. Prince will advise you in after care to minimize scarring.

  • Is thigh lift surgery a good option to get rid of fat on my thighs?

    The goal of a thigh lift is to tighten and eliminate loose skin. Thighs are a common “trouble area” that is resistant to diet and exercise. If you are bothered by stubborn fat on your thighs, but you have firm, healthy skin, then liposuction may be the best procedure for you.

  • What are the risks of thigh lift surgery?

    Any surgery carries some risk of side effects or complications. Potential risks of thigh lift surgery include bleeding, fluid accumulation, infection, and changes in skin sensation.1 Dr. Prince is highly experienced and always prioritizes patient safety.

  • Who is a candidate for thigh lift surgery?

    If you are bothered by excess or sagging skin on your inner or outer thighs, then thigh lift surgery could be the solution. Ideal candidates are in good general health and maintain a stable, healthy weight.

Contact Dr. Prince for Thigh Lift Surgery in Little Rock

Dr. Melanie Prince is dedicated to helping patients look and feel their best. If you are seeking a thigh lift or a comprehensive post-weight loss surgical plan, she will give you the personalized treatment you deserve. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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