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Shortly after my 30th birthday in 2017, I came home from work to my husband cleaning out our pantry.  He said, “let’s go on a diet.”  I agreed (even though I really wanted to eat those Cheetos and cookies) and that’s how my weight loss journey began.  The next morning, I weighed myself.  I was 208 pounds.  It was not the heaviest I had ever been, but it was definitely not what I wanted to weigh.  I downloaded My Fitness Pal and began tracking everything I ate.  I meal prepped every week and substituted cauliflower for all the foods I loved.  

For the first three months, I followed a strict diet with no exercise and was down 20 pounds.  One Sunday morning, my best friend texted me saying she was going to a Cyclebar class and asked if I wanted to join.  I had never done indoor cycling, so I thought I would give it a try.  I thought I was going to die on that stationary bike.  After the class, I got talked into signing up for 4 more classes.  I started to go once a week and my obsession with spin classes was created.

It took me almost a year to lose 50 pounds.  I never had a goal weight in mind when I started this journey, I just knew how much better I felt with every pound gone.  By November 2018, I was down 70 pounds.  When Covid started and all the gyms closed, I could no longer go to Cyclebar classes.  I thought it was the perfect time to convince my husband that I needed a Peloton.  It was by far the best purchase I’ve ever made because it truly helps me physically and mentally.  I call Peloton instructor, Cody Rigsby, my therapist.  I currently work out 5 or 6 days a week and plan all my meals for the weekdays.  I am no longer as strict with my food on weekends (hello, tequila sodas and queso.)   

I have had so many people ask me what my “secrets” are to weight loss.  I don’t have any.  I counted every calorie I ate and made sure to always be in a deficit.  Losing weight is not easy, keeping it off is not easy either.  I have kept the 70 pounds off for almost three years now because I decided to ditch a diet for a complete lifestyle change.  One day, I do plan to have the excess skin removed with an abdominoplasty and then I will feel like my journey is complete.